Introducing the AMR ePower Mustang

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Introducing the AMR ePower Mustang

A Classic 1965 Ford Mustang restored and re-engineered with potent new electric powertrain, regenerative braking, and modern chassis.

The base car, any 1960s Mustang can be sourced by AMR or provided by the owner, and is carefully stripped and the powertrain removed. Body and remaining mechanicals are either replaced or refurbished to a very high standard, and the whole vehicle is then rebuilt around a state-of-the-art compact electric motor driving the rear wheels, and a modern, racing-standard chassis.

Made famous by its race and championship-winning cars in the 1960s, AMR is expanding its existing business with a move into a new generation of engineering, beginning with the development and integration of electric powertrains into the familiar shape of the 1960s Ford Mustang – in either coupe or fastback styles.

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Sustainable Technology

Charge DC from 20% – 80% in 40min

Mustang Conversion Process

The AMR ePower Mustang conversion process does not just involve the removal of the old powertrain and the addition of a compact electric motor, control electronics and batteries – the entire shell is stripped and restored. The chassis is upgraded with high quality racing-standard componentry, developed by experienced Formula One designers, with independent double wishbone suspension with billet aluminium uprights replacing the original’s front struts and rear leaf springs. The 1960s braking system is replaced with a powerful cutting-edge regenerative system featuring ventilated front and rear discs with six-piston callipers in front and four-piston callipers behind.

The design and feel of the original 60s interior are retained as much as possible, although every element is either restored, replaced or substituted, with the emphasis on a period-correct aesthetic. The only modern additions being more comfortable and supportive racing seats, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and a carefully integrated video display.

AMR has worked hard to balance the need for a useable range, exceeding the 200 miles of the ‘60s car, with an acceptable overall weight, which allows a genuine dynamic personality fully in keeping with a modern, fast, and fun GT car. Charging too has been optimised, using either AC or DC chargers, with a 20 per cent to 80 per cent recharge taking just 40 minutes.

AMR ePower Mustang Specification

0 - 60mph

5.2 sec

Top Speed

97 mph


220 miles


300 bhp


Classic restorations with a hint of modern technology.